Shire Dietetics is becoming ‘Liberation Nutrition!

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Hopefully, this is the start of your journey to freedom from food rules, and escape from diet culture.

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Emma @ Shire Dietetics is a strong believer in the power of using a ‘Non-Dieting Approach’ to restore your relationship with food. Some people call it anti-dieting, some prefer Health At Every Size, some just call it a weight-neutral approach. No matter the terminology, the core idea is this:

Your health is not defined by an arbitrary number on the scales.

At the Shire Dietetics clinic we believe in collaborative care, and treated you as a whole person. Your opinions and preferences matter, and we respect that you are the expert in your own life! That’s why you’ll never be given a cookie-cutter meal plan and sent on your way. We will take the time to build your skills and confidence, so you can take back the power that food has over you, and never diet again.

What could you achieve if all the time and mental energy you spent thinking and worrying about food or your body was freed up?

What health issues can we help with?

  • Emotional eating and binge eating
  • Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia
  • Maudsley Family Therapy for adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa
  • Non-dieting advice for those with weight and body image concern
  • Kids growth and fussiness
  • Irritable bowel (IBS) and the low FODMAPs approach
  • Sports nutrition

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