Individual Consultations

The Shire Diets office is within the Southern Districts Sports Physiotherapy clinic.

Clinic Hours

Emma’s back from maternity leave! As of September 2015, you can now book appointments on:

Tuesday 2:30- 6:30pm

What to expect at your first consultation:

1. Getting to know you.
Your dietitian will discuss with you:
Relevant details of your medical history and your family’s medical history.
Results of any recent blood tests
Medications you are currently taking, along with any nutritional supplements.
Details of your usual diet (you don’t need to record any details before the session)

2. Goal Setting and Education.
We’ll chat about what you’re hoping to achieve from your visits, and based on this we’ll teach you what you need to learn to get there! Our goal is to teach you enough theory to be confident making nutrition decisions for yourself and your family without us. You’ll also have time to ask all the questions you have about food, nutrition and health.

If you’re already pretty good with nutrition theory, we’ll focus instead on helping you to set realistic and achievable goals. We’ll help you build a focused plan to reach them, and coach you through the speed bumps and motivation lulls that everyone has along the way.

3. Dietary advice- don’t be scared!
The title of ‘dietitian’ is a bit misleading, because it gives the impression that we put people on ‘diets’! In reality, most of our profession avoid prescriptive meal plans like the plague, because we know they’re never a long term solution.

Of course we know you still want to get things like meal and snack ideas from us, and we can definitely give you suggestions and inspiration (we’re foodies, as well as science geeks!).

When we do give you specific advice though, we’ll always take your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and how busy you are into consideration. There’s always room for negotiation, and there’s no need to fix every lifestyle issue overnight. In fact, the research that we have about lifestyle change says that making small changes over time with a supportiveĀ  health professional is FAR more likely to be maintained than the ’10 week challenge’ overhaul approach.

So, there’s nothing to fear, just better health and a better relationship with food to be gained šŸ™‚

4. On the Day

Please allow up to one hour for your first visit, and 30 minutes for followup visits.
You’re welcome to bring a parent, spouse, or the ‘household cook’ if you’d like to. And if you’re under 16, you’ll need to bring mum or dad to sign forms, but it’s ok to see us on your own.

Check out the FAQs page to find out more about fees and rebates.

Or, head to the contact page to look us up on the map, send Emma an email, or find our phone number and make a booking.